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Bright Horizons Academy

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Bright Horizons Academy

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A school to learn, laugh and see the beauty of Islam.

From Pre-K to 6th Grade

Providing Guidance...

And creating a culture of
learing and loving islam.

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Competing with the best US schools in an Islamic environment

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Our Programs


Salaam Alaikum,
Due the COVID-19 pandemic, Bright Horizons Academy will host live online classes via Gloogle Classroom and Zoom for every student daily until further notice.

Online classes will be held Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:45 PM
Administration Office will be open in campus from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM by appointment only.

Please call us at (321) 312 1663 for any questions.
We would like to thank all teachers, administrators, and parents whose unrelenting commitment and passion have made this virtual learning possible during these difficult and uncertain times.

— Principal Sumia


Bright Horizon Academy is the only private Islamic academic institution in the area that is built with the mission to provide academic excellence in an Islamic environment. While the primary focus is to provide excellent education, the school recognizes the vital importance in providing guidance and creating a culture of learning about, and loving Islam at an early age. It is a place where a child can develop the invaluable sense of self-worth, pride and cultural identity in a vibrant, well-rounded educational environment as a Muslim.

We also recognize that within the Islamic doctrine and tradition, the important role parents play in the development of the child. At BHA, we’re cognizant of the fact and encourage the mutual effort that must prevail from both parents and teachers in the development and enrichment process of every child.

This is the fourth academic school year, where the school is in its final phase in its application for accreditation. We are using data-driven methodologies to maintain the academic standing of our students and also applying standardized testing and other recognized and established processes to ensure the success of the students throughout the year at BHA. Alhamdullilah, we have been diligently working to comply with Cognia (formerly AdvancedED) , the globally accepted accreditation body that will review, evaluate, and InshaAllah, qualify the school for accreditation.

While adopting the standards of state schools, having Islam as part of our curriculum is what defines us.   The teaching of Arabic, Quran and Sunnah, and allocating prayer times during school hours is part of the Islamic curricula that fulfills the needs of our children and expectations of the parents. All teachers at BHA are certified in their fields, and are both committed and passionate about bringing the best out of every student.

Bright Horizon Academy may be new but our long held vision and desire in establishing an Islamic School has been around for quite a while. We welcome all in the community with this shared vision, to be part of this commitment for a better place of learning for our children’s future.


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First day of school. Aug. 15, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call our office at (321) 312 1663 or fill in the Appointment Form.
Dont forget to included your contact information and preferred day to visit.

We are working on implementing a payment gateway to accept credit card online with our bank.

This feature will be available soon.

If you are a Florida resident, your child may qualify for an income based Income-Based Scholarship called Step-up for Students . Further assistance may be given on a case by case basis by the School.

Currently we do not have a Quran Hifz program

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