A Guide for Parents

Our partnership with our parents is what makes BHA successful!

As-Salaam 'Alaykom

Dear Parents and Students:
We’d like to welcome you to the inaugural year of Bright Horizons Academy. It is indeed a very exciting time for everyone in the community, especially those who are part of the process, making this momentous, long-held vision of starting and Islamic school a reality. We’re honored that you’ve put your trust in us with your children’s academic nurturing in an environment that embodies the teaching of Islam so they can see the beauty and relevance of their religion in a largely secular world. This will be an endeavor that will require strong commitment from all’involved – administrators, teachers, parents, volunteers and all those who see the importance of a strong foundation of an education with an Islamic upbringing. We’ll strive to give all that it takes to ensure the success of the school going forward but we’d also like to emphasize the pivotal importance of the role parents will play in the process.

We invite parents to be part of the education process in that the most important part of the child’s development often begins at home. The responsibility of a child’s Islamic development must first come from their parents and family. A Muslim school cannot be a substitute for parental responsibility. The crucial values of instilling the values of Islam must come from parents and will be augmented by an Islamic school environment. Likewise, the value of learning and education continues at home, wherever possible, parents should take interest in a child’s homework, nurturing their passion, being part of their learning experience.
By the Grace of Allah, this is a beautiful path we’ve endeavored to embark on together. May He guide us to continue on it for the future of our children, fi dunya wal akhirah, and to do so for His sake. May Allah guide and keep us on this path and see it through, the horizon and beyond.

Wassalamu alaikum.