Executive Summary

Bright Horizons Academy (BHA) is the only private institution in the area established to provide academic excellence in an Islamic environment. In its fourth academic year, the school has continued its original intent in providing a safe, healthy, and nourishing environment based on traditional Islamic values and teachings. Though it is still very much in its nascent stage, it is indeed a very exciting time for everyone in the relatively small Muslim community here in Brevard County, especially for those who have been a part of the process in seeing through this long-held vision of starting an Islamic school a reality.

The school was established largely from the unrelenting pursuit and effort from parents in the community who felt that the community had ample resources, expertise, economic, and social capital to plan, organize and build a school on the property of the community’s mosque, a place of our worship and sanctuary. Today, we have a professionally trained staff of 12 teachers, 3 administrators, and a principal, many from our very own community. The student population has increased to 89 students with a wait list in the Pre-VPK and VPK classes.
While the primary focus is to provide excellence in education, the school recognizes the vital importanceit plays in providing guidance and creating a culture of learning about and loving Islam at an early age.

It is a place where a child can develop the invaluable sense of self-worth, pride and cultural identity in a vibrant, well-rounded educational environment as both a Muslim and a citizen. BHA strives to keep within its philosophy of Tarbiyyah and Ta’leem, the unbroken bond of nurturing and learning. There can be no true education or knowledge without ethics, to bring about productive and morally responsible citizens of the future. 

BHA recognizes that within the Islamic doctrine and tradition, the important role parents play in the development of the child. We are cognizant of this reality and encourage the mutual effort that must prevail from both parents and teachers in the development and the nrichment process of every student. Parents have also been active in the PTA in getting the students involved in the many activities that engage the community not only for its support and a reminder of the school’s presence, but for the students and the kids to build a strong sense of belonging, of being part of a community.

Bright Horizons Academy is new but the community’s vision and desire in establishing an Islamic School has been around for quite a while. The school welcomes all within and outside of the community, anyone with this shared vision, to be part of this commitment for a better place of learning for our children’s future.